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Surfing Video from The Cove, 2007

Surfers riding big waves on one of the biggest swells of the year in California, December 2007. Most of the surfboards in the water that day were big-wave guns, but there were also people surfing on longboards and shortboards.

Sandspit Video of Surfers Getting Barrelled

This excellent surfing video features an obscure sandbar in California that not many people have seen break, much less surfed. The camera work in this surf vid is great, and so is the audio track. You’ll be a sandspit fan after watching this surf clip!

Billabong Pro Tahiti Surf Contest Video, 3rd Round

Perfect small Teahupoo, circa 2006, with the worlds best surfers getting more tube riding time than you would have thought was humanly possible. With this wave at this size, any surfer would give it a go!