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Great surfing footage of small Pipeline, Hawaii. Andy Irons combos Kelly Slater to win the best Pipe Masters final in a decade. 1st place Andy Irons 2nd place Kelly Slater 3rd place Cory Lopez 4th place Rob Machado.

Profile of Pro Surfer Bruce Irons, when he was young.

This is a great video clip of a young Bruce Irons, back when he was growing up in Kauai. His natural talent was evident early on, as you’ll see in the surf contest footage,  as well as some great tube riding shots from Backdoor, when he was older.

Pro Surfer Mark Foo, on Life, Death, and Surfing

In this interview, Mark Foo discusses his philosophy of life as a former pro surfer who later went on to become a big-wave rider at Waimea Bay. There are some great shots of his wave riding interspersed throughout the clip. Mark died in 1994, during a surf session at Mavericks.